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Lexis Digital Library for the Public

This guide provides an overview of the Lexis Digital Library and how the public can gain access to it.

"Checking out" Items from the Lexis Digital Library

Here are some important things you should know about using the Lexis Digital Library (LDL):

  • You can check out 5 VOLUMES at a time. A VOLUME is not necessarily the same as a TITLE.
    • For example, the Nevada Civil Practice Manual, a title that is available on the LDL, is made up of 2 VOLUMES. If you check out both volumes, that counts as 2 of your available 5 checkouts.
  • You may check out each volume for 7 DAYS. After 7 days, the volume is automatically returned to the LDL--you don't need to do anything to return the book.
    • The e-book platform (Overdrive) controls the 7-day limit; Law Library staff does not. We cannot "renew" these books for you as we can regular print books. This is a short period of time to ensure that popular titles are available to as many users as possible.
    • If you still need the book, you can check it out again, presuming someone else did not place a hold on it.
  • If the volume you want is not available, you may place a HOLD for it. Placing a hold starts a queue of people waiting for the book. It is possible that someone (or many people) placed a hold on the volume before you did. If so, those who placed the hold before you will receive it before you, so it's possible that you may have to wait to regain access to the volume.
    • To place a hold, you will have to enter an email address. This is how LDL will alert you that your hold is ready for you.
  • If you are finished with a volume and wish to RETURN it early, sign in to your LDL account, then select My Books from the left side of the screen, then look for the logo of the clock in the bottom right corner of the screen and click on the Return link.
  • Note that any highlights or annotations you make in a title checked out to you WILL STILL BE THERE if you check out the book again, and no one else can see your highlights or annotations.


E-Book Formats

E-books in the Lexis Digital Library will come in either one of two formats:  EPUB or PDF.

EPUB is typical for e-books, and can be read within the Overdrive/Lexis Digital Library platform (i.e., there is no additional software to download).

However, some titles will be in PDF format which cannot be read within the Lexis Digital Library platform. PDFs that are not protected by the publisher will open in new tab or window. Those PDFs secured by digital rights management (DRM) from the publisher will require a third-party software, such as Adobe Digital Editions, to view. NOTE:  The NSCLL is merely suggesting Adobe Digital Editions; we do not endorse it over any other similar product.

Check out this guide for more information on working with PDF publications in the Lexis Digital Library.