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Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) Research Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help patrons navigate the Nevada Administrative Codes, for both current and superseded regulations.

Nevada Register of Administrative Code Regulations

Purusant to NRS 233B, the Nevada Register of Administrative Regulations is available online from the Legislature's website at (1997-current). 

The Nevada Register is available in print from 1997-current, which makes finding regulatory changes prior to 1997 difficult, as they are only available from the issuing agency.  


 NRS 233B.0653  Register of Administrative Regulations: Contents; frequency of publication; distribution and sale; immunity for omissions.

      1.  The Legislative Counsel shall prepare and publish or cause to be prepared and published a Register of Administrative Regulations. The Register must include the following information regarding each permanent regulation adopted by an agency:

      (a) The proposed and adopted text of the regulation and any revised version of the regulation;

      (b) The notice of intent to act upon the regulation set forth in NRS 233B.0603;

      (c) The written notice of adoption of the regulation required pursuant to NRS 233B.064;

      (d) The informational statement required pursuant to NRS 233B.066; and

      (e) The effective date of the regulation, as determined pursuant to NRS 233B.070.

Ê In carrying out the duties set forth in this subsection, the Legislative Counsel may use the services of the State Printing Office.

      2.  The Legislative Counsel shall publish the Register not less than 10 times per year but not more than once every 2 weeks.

      3.  The Register must be provided to and maintained by:

      (a) The Secretary of State;

      (b) The Attorney General;

      (c) The Supreme Court Law Library;

      (d) The State Library, Archives and Public Records;

      (e) Each county clerk;

      (f) Each county library; and

      (g) The Legislative Counsel Bureau.

      4.  The Legislative Counsel may sell an additional copy of the Register to any person or governmental entity that requests a copy, at a price which does not exceed the cost of publishing the additional copy.

      5.  The Legislative Counsel is immune from civil liability which may result from failure to include any information in the Register.

      (Added to NRS by 1997, 1389; A 2005, 1085)

Nevada Regulatory History

The regulatory history will appear beneath the text of the regulation (see above example). For amendments to the regulations after 1997, follow these steps to find changes tracked in the Nevada Register.

  1. Begin by visiting the LCB's website that hosts the Nevada Register.
  2. Find the year your regulation was amended and open the Subject or Numerical Index (1997 - current).
  3. Browse through the index to find related entries, using CTRL+[keyword or NAC section].
  4. Follow the link to the full text of the Nevada Register.