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About the Nevada Supreme Court Law Library

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Conference Rooms - Overview

The NSCLL has three conference rooms that may be reserved. Below are brief descriptions of the rooms as well as photos.

Overview of technology available in Rooms 103 & 107:

  • Both rooms are PC-based for video conferencing. Participants can dial in via phone or computer/tablet simultaneously. 
    • The Real Presence Desktop application is used for point-to-point calls only. Only two endpoints are available with no call-ins.
    • Other conferencing applications can be supported (e.g., Zoom or Microsoft Teams). 
  • PowerPoint presentations can be accommodated as well. Please provide IT with your presentation on a USB thumb drive.
  • There is a conference phone in each room for traditional phone calls. IT can enable long distance calling if necessary.


Room 107

Our largest conference room is good for meetings with 12 or fewer people.  This room is equipped with a 75" monitor, a large dry erase board, including markers and erasers, and access to WiFi. IT support is available for presentations and meetings using Zoom or Teams.

Conference Room 107Conference Room 107

Conference Room 107

Seats 12

Room 103

Our second largest conference room is good for meetings with 10 or fewer people and is equipped with a 65" monitor, a large paper dry erase board, including markers, and access to WiFi. IT support is available for presentations and meetings using Zoom or Teams.

Conference Room 103Conference Room 103

Conference Room 103

Seats 10

Room 102

Our smallest conference room, located on the first floor, is good for meetings with three (3) or fewer people. This room has access to WiFi but does not have other technology services.

Room 102Room 201

Conference Room 102

Seats 3