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About the Nevada Supreme Court Law Library

Welcome to the Law Library! Learn all about our resources and services, and we hope to see you in the library one day.

What the Library Can (and Cannot) Do For You

Table of Services
What We CAN Do What We CANNOT Do
Make referrals to proper agencies and legal service providers Give legal advice (this is usually any question that includes the phrases "can I?",  "should I", "am I interpreting...correctly?", or "how do I?")
Direct public to sources of law and forms Interpret statutes, cases, or regulations
Instruct how to use legal materials Offer opinions on legal issues
Explain format requirements for pleadings Select specific forms and/or instruct you on what you should put in those forms
Locate informative reading materials Make referrals for specific attorneys
Provide via email a limited numbers of cases, statutes, and/or regulations when you provide us with the citations Perform legal research for you. We cannot answer "Can you help me find cases on landlord/tenant law?", but we can tell you how to do this type of research yourself.

About Our Services

Document Delivery Services

The Law Library is available to provide cases, statutes, regulations, and excerpts from secondary sources via email. We also provide historic sections of Nevada statutes and the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC).

  • To take advantage of this service, you MUST have a citation to the specific case, statute, regulation, or secondary source. It is beyond the scope of services for NSCLL staff to engage in legal research on your behalf to identify relevant documents.
  • The Law Library reserves the right to modify or not fulfill document delivery requests if such requests violate United States copyright law. 

Lawyer in the Library

In the past, the NSCLL routinely offered (usually at least once a month) a Lawyer in the Library program, hosted by Nevada Legal Services (NLS). NLS provides a paralegal and an attorney to answer your questions and help fill out forms. NLS asks that patrons who would like to attend the legal clinic call their office and request an appointment for the next clinic: 775-883-0404.

Until such time as in-person clinics resume, contact Nevada Legal Services to take advantage of virtual Ask a Lawyer Programs they may be offering.

Prisoner Reference Requests

The Nevada Supreme Court Law Library answers reference requests from prisoners received through the mail or inmate banking. Library staff cannot conduct research, but they can provide photocopies or printouts of materials if requests are sufficiently specific. Only requests related to criminal law will be answered. As long as the request is specific to Nevada, library staff will answer requests received from prisoners who are out of state.

Requests received through inmate banking will be processed and sent back within 1-2 days. Inmates who send in a request through inmate banking will have their account charged at the end of the fiscal year for the cost of all pages. There is no postage charged for inmate banking requests. To complete a request through inmate banking, prisoners should contact their institution's law library to complete the request form.

After receiving a request through mail, library staff will provide the inmate with the estimated cost of pages and postage. After payment is received, library staff will process and mail back the requested items. Requests are processed in the order that they are received and can take up to 2 weeks for staff to process and return their requested items. The Supreme Court Law Library requires prepayment for copies ($0.10 per double-sided page) plus postage. The first 10 pages double-sided will always be sent free of charge. Payments should be submitted via check or money order made payable to the Supreme Court Library.

Guidelines for inmates submitting a request:

  1. Write on a full sheet of paper. Include your complete name, address, and DOC number, and sign with all requests.
  2. We are not attorneys and can not provide legal advice or assistance. We are not able to provide any federal or state forms or documents.
  3. We can not provide books or supplements, and each request must be limited to 10 cases or statutes (or 100 pages). 
  4. Make your requests specific and provide citations. We are unable to conduct research, and will need sufficient information to identity the requested documents (case/statute name or number; bill number; year; etc.)
Examples of specific requests: Examples of vague requests:
State v. Smith, 1 P3d 100 (1988)

Cases on sentencing

NRS 200.280 as it was in 1999

Anything you have on the Fourth Amendment


Mail requests to:

Nevada Supreme Court Law Library
201 S. Carson Street, Ste. 100
Carson City, NV 89702