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About the Nevada Supreme Court Law Library

Welcome to the Law Library! Learn all about our resources and services, and we hope to see you in the library one day.

WiFi Access

The Law Library offers WiFi access to visitors during regular business hours. The WiFi password is available from the Reference Desk.

Public Computers

The Law Library currently offers 4 public access computers that are available for conducting electronic legal research only.

  • Two computers provide dedicated access to Westlaw Edge. One computer provides dedicated access to LexisNexis. One computer provides access to Hein Online.
  • All four public computers provide access to Index to Legal Periodicals, Cheetah, and PLI Plus.
  • You may sign into the computers with a guest pass for 1 hour at a time. As long as no one is waiting for a computer, time may be extended for up to 4 hours. If you are using a computer that is dedicated for a specific service (such as Westlaw or Lexis), but are not actively using that service, you may be asked to relocate.

Pick up your computer pass from the Reference Desk! 

Public Patron Computers

Public Access Computers - Acceptable Use Policy

The Law Library is intended to be a place where visitors can perform legal research. Users are expected to respect the rights of others who require a quiet environment in which to research and write. Users shall be engaged in normal activities associated with the use of a public library. Persons not engaged in reading, studying, or other use of library materials, or persons sleeping, will be required to leave the library for the remainder of the day. While there are other polices applicable to the Law Library generally, the following policies relate to the use of the public computers:

  1. Users who by their behavior, persist in harassing or annoying patrons or staff and thereby disrupt their ability to concentrate on research or perform their duties will be given one warning regarding the specific behavior. Upon a second occurrence, the offender will be required to leave the library for the remainder of the day. Upon a third occurrence, the offender will lose library privileges and must successfully petition the Court to regain access. Petition is by letter to the Chief Justice, with copies to all Justices and the Law Librarian.
  2. Public computers are intended for research purposes only. While Law Library staff does not monitor what patrons are doing on public computers, viewing material of a sexual nature on public computers are prohibited and will result in expulsion from the Law Library for the remainder of the day. Repeated infractions could result in a permanent ban from accessing the Law Library.
  3. Users are prohibited from plugging and unplugging cords from the public computers. Any user caught messing with the cords will be given a warning. Continued manipulation of the cords can result in expulsion from the Law Library.
  4. To ensure a quiet space in the Law Library, users may not participate in video conferences or phone calls, even while using headphones, while in the Law Library. The prohibition on video conferences applies to the library's public computers as well as a patron's personal device.
  5. If playing a video or if audio is associated with research you are performing on the public computers, you must wear headphones to minimize disruptions to others.


The Law Library offers access to a traditional typewriter, located next to the public patron computers.